Monday, March 22, 2010

Hotel Mandarin Oriental

Hotel Mandarin Oriental du Rhone Geneva Switzerland
Hotel Mandarin Oriental, originally uploaded by daniel_pfund.
This is a photo of the Geneva Mandarin Oriental hotel, which used to be called the Hotel du Rhone before it was sold. The river flowing by is of course the Rhone, coming just out of the lake of Geneva.

The weather was a little overcast, but some great light came through and just shone on it. The time of the day was just before sunset, a period called the "golden hour" as the sun's rays are more towards the orange side than during the rest of the day. It also happens early in the morning, basically when the sun is low on the horizon. It's really the best time of the day to shoot with natural light.

This is an untouched iPhone photo.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Paris - L'arc de Triomphe

Paris - L'arc de Triomphe
Paris - L'arc de Triomphe, originally uploaded by daniel_pfund.
A beautiful day in Paris today.

I'm in Paris for some days for a business conference. Close to sunset I wandered around my hotel and was struck by the beautiful light.

Traffic around the arch is simply mind boggling... Just remember that it's priority of right. In theory! In practice it's priority of the biggest and fiercest. That's why they have police officers around to auto-control drivers. It's fun watching, and the light was just so good.

This is an untouched iPhone photo.