Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Night time in Paris

Daniel Pfund
Night time in Paris, originally uploaded by daniel_pfund.
A picture of myself taken by my friend Jérôme Matt (have a look at his pictures at ) in Paris on a bloody cold March night in 2010. The whole gallery is available here.

We were having some fun, inspired by Dustin Diaz (see his great pictures at ). This was our first trial. I'm sure there's room for improvement.

Strobist info: Nikon SB-25 camera left into 60x60cm softbox @1/4 power, triggered by Cactus v4.


  1. Nice shoot indeed ! I included a b&w version on my website, and it is worth looking at it; give an old fashion mood to the photo.
    If I may amend your post Daniel, first the softbox size 60x60 and second, correct internet adress for my website is now ! I followed your advice, once again... no comment !

  2. b&w version on my blog sorry !

  3. correction taken into account, thanks my friend.

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